Caring for yourself and your FAMILY!!

“Try being INFORMED, not just OPINIONATED!!”

Back in 2010, this quote changed my life! With my first child being born, and that “new mother realization” that YOU are responsible for what happens to this perfect pure Being, I began to look a little deeper into my decisions.  I came to find out that NO ONE is looking after the health of us or our children (no, not even…the Government!…Gasp!).  There are very FEW regulations for the chemicals and toxins that are allowed in our foods (while several other countries around the world have BANNED the chemicals that we, here in the USA, still have in our foods!!). Several known carcinogens (chemicals scientifically proven to cause cancer) are still in LOTS of our foods!!  And don’t even get me started on GMOs!

Why you say, would they (the FDA & other fancy letter agencies in our government) allow this to happen?!? Well… it boils down to…MONEY!  It’s more about profit margin (making items cheaper, selling them higher, & to more people) than any concern for our health!! And if you think the food industry is bad… you should take a peak into the BEAUTY industry!!  There are almost NO regulations about WHAT can be put into your beauty products!! This means our makeup, deodorant, lotion, perfume, and other things are LOADED with CANCER CAUSING chemicals!!  EEEKKK!!!  It’s time to get AWAY from man-made chemicals!!!

So, you don’t have to agree with anything I say, and I wouldn’t want you to! (We all need a healthy dose of skepticism.)   What I DO want is for you to TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF!  Do some research, dig deeper into what you are putting ON & IN your body!! There are several scientific based websites, and blogs that have great references, for you to begin learning!  And don’t just believe any ol’ study, see who funded that study (was it paid for by the same company who wanted certain results??), who conducted it, does the government have something to gain from these results, etc etc.  Be INFORMED, not just OPINIONATED!!



One of my favorite websites for researching topics is Green Med Info.   Also check out the Environment Working Group, as they have done tons of research on food and beauty.  And download the “Think Dirty” app that allows you to scan a product or search for it, to see how dangerous it’s ingredients are!! (download for Android or Apple)

You should check it out, try researching something that interests you personally, and have FUN!

Let me know in the comments what you find!!

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